Eating cakey Pete Fowler

28 Aug

Meet Captain Fairtrade (and “his tasty cakey body”) who has been keeping me amused for the last few days – not to mention the fact our cameraman ‘accidentally’ turned up dressed exactly like him as you can see below!

Pete Fowler and Michelle Wibowo


Captain Fairtrade is here! He’s been sailing around the edges of the universe for eternity, as all true Cosmic Nauticologists do and has been alerted to the foul trade going on on our earth. Plotting his course to our planet he stopped off in the Polynesian Islands for a while to get his bearings and deal with the horrible space-lag that interstellar brings to a soul. His next stop is the Mad Artists Tea Party where he will spread the word of fair trade through his tasty cake body.

Cake created by Michelle Wibowo

Captain Fairtrade is made edible from head to toe! The head and body are made of sugar coated, sculpted delicious vanilla sponge cake and vanilla buttercream filling. The boat, legs and arms are made of sugar, including the scenery. The non-edible parts of the cake are the eyes including the lights (of course!), the necklace and the armature which is the inner structure to keep the cake in place.

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