Full & private Futureheads

16 Aug

Really good charity event here (in conjunction with Metro radio) and one that deserves lots of support. This is the crack… please do share / blog / RT :-)

Hi everyone – it’s Ross from The Futureheads here. I hope you can hear me.

Over the next few days, we’re offering up what we think is a very cool opportunity for someone who’s based in the North East of England. We’re working with Metro Radio & Magic 1152 on behalf of St Oswald’s Hospice, a charity that supports children and families who are suffering life limiting and life threatening illnesses, on a ‘money can’t buy’ auction extravaganza.

So what is this prize? What would you be bidding on? Well, we’re offering a FULL AND PRIVATE FUTUREHEADS ACOUSTIC GIG for the highest bidder.

So whether it be in your office, at your school, for a birthday party, wedding day or in your very own living room, we’ll be there, busting out the big ones, for your private audience.I should add that we’ve never done this before, but St Oswalds Hospice offers such an important facility that we felt that we needed to get involved and we reckon that this is the most fun way we can offer our help and services!

Metro Radio’s ‘Cash For Kids’ is aiming to raise £35,000 to support disabled and disadvantaged children in the North East region, so please, take a look at the website, have a word with your pals, colleaguesor bosses, and see if we can raise some good money for a vital cause. Get involved online here, the auction ends at 9am on Tuesday August 17th. Telephone bids can be placed on this number: 0191 279 0247. Between 8am and 9am next Tuesday morning, Metro Radio ‘Cash For Kids’ will have live radio coverage of the final hour of the auction, as the race for the prize hots up. If you’re interested in donating to the Cash For Kids campaign (but don’t want the lovely boys in your bedroom) you can donate here.

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