Dear Complete Internet Stranger

23 May

Hmmmmmmmmm – guess if you don’t ask you don’t get. I know I have touched on it before but see below for full tattoo explanation as requested. It’s a bit dark of course.

Dear Complete Internet Stranger From Another Country Whose Website I Like,

So what is with and the song Love Will Tear Us Apart? Is there a story there or is it just your favorite song or what? I will say that while I’d heard the song before I’d never heard Nouvelle Vague’s version before (and actually I’d never heard of them at all before but now love them and have all their albums) but I gotta know why it is so important to you. It’s kinda like finding out what is gonna happen on the end of LOST.

Beyond that I am a new devotee of yours so congratulations on giving me something to like in the UK besides the music, The Mighty Boosh, and “Minding The Gap”.

Cheers from the USA


The lyrics in Love Will Tear Us Apart are said to reflect the state of Ian Curtis’s marriage at the time of writing, and also his general frame of mind in the time leading up to his suicide in May 1980. It was also written just after he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Packed with negative emotions, it captures all pain and heartbreak that goes with being in love. It seemed fitting for a tattoo (which are of course for life) as love is one thing everyone will experience during their life at some point (along with heart break). Love is also an emotion it’s impossible to hide – the question if that is returned or not is a whole different matter.

I got the tattoo on my 2008 birthday at Happy Sailor in Hackney. It’s deliberately in a position where it can not been seen unless I chose to share it (I’ve only shown it to one person in the whole of 2010 so far, am very fussy!!). To me this song also reflects the fact that if you are so scared of something tearing you apart (again) then it will never happen & I’m pretty much running scared at the moment.

There you go, light, Miss C x

PS: This is a great read…

There you go, light, Miss C x

One Response to “Dear Complete Internet Stranger”

  1. Marxbro May 25, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    Well now I know. Thanks for taking the time to explain as now I have the answer the one important question that had been on my mind for some long while. I feel like Indiana Jones must have felt when he found the Lost Ark.

    Cheers from The Colonies,


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