Cartography genius

8 Sep

Drawing maps is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of entertaining party tricks – so this shows how wrong you can be…

Al Franken can draw an entire US map from memory, as he did for some very lucky attendees of the Minnesota State Fair.


It is AWESOME to watch! I would like to think this is something I can learn through repetition but there is no chance as I can just about manage an octagon and I am in my 20′s.

This brings onto the somewhat forgotten James Blunt parody of Your Beautiful as performed on Sesame Street. Like the map man this sounds crap, but is nothing short of brilliant. More concerning looking at James Blunt in this video I acutally would (she hides her head in shame). “I can’t really talk about it but I can sing about it” – go on then James (lyrics below):

This shape is brilliant…

This shape was brilliant
This shape was pure.
I saw three angles,
Of that I’m sure.
And I saw tree pointy corners,
And then I saw three straight sides.
The top was very narrow,
And the base was oh so wide

*Wait that sounds like*
My triangle
Oh triangle it’s true.
I saw your your shape,
In crowded place.
Now I don’t know what to do,
Cause your God [] so blue

I searched low and high
Over earth and sky
But I can’t find you triangle
Tell me why!
And I miss your base
Änd I miss your height
And my dreams are triangular
Every night

My triangle
My triangle
*So beautiful it’s true*
*It must be those angles*
*That put a smile on your face*
*Not to mention the hypotenuse*

But i need to know the truth
Oh triangle where are you?

One Response to “Cartography genius”

  1. Col September 10, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    “Cause your God [] so blue”

    I think he says:

    ‘cos you’re gone an’ I’m so blue.

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